Thursday, 20 October 2011

Parents - a blessing !

Just last week I had the chance to visit the hospital where we had to wait a good three hours for my 2 year old niece to get her turn with the doctor. While waiting I realized that my parents and everyone else's parents went through the same process over and over again with their kids. the same hospital waits, doctors appointments, staying up nights, and what not just to tend to their kids who by nature are bound to fall sick somehow or the other. I realized that bringing up kids is not an easy task yet our parents did it without any complains rather they did it happily and one day we will experience this phase of life as well InshAllah. but the thought that came to my mind that day was scary. I realized that we take them for granted. We dont realize how much pain and difficulties they went through in making us what we are today. So many of us have left their parents alone leaving them to survive on their own without the support of their grown kids which they had looked forward to ever since their kids had been a toddler. Unfortunately, the west influence is so dominant in our lives that we fail to see the beauty of being there for our parents in the age when they need us. Many are unfortunate that this realization comes to them when their parents are no more in this world.
How easy it is for a newly wedded bride to demand privacy with her husband in the form of a seperate house? How many newly weds do move out after marriage just because the same parents had become unbearable all of a sudden? does even for a second the thought crosses the young bride's mind that her in-laws are no less than her own parents? does she care to consider that what would her own parents go through if her brother moved out too leaving them alone to fend for themselves? NO ! None of these thoughts cross the newly weds mind because they are so engrossed in their own world of newly found romance that everything else seems insignificant. And it's not just the girl's fault either, taken away by the beauty, charm and grace of the young wife, the husband seems to act like a robot around her. Every wish of hers is a command for him. he goes blind to reality and practicality. Is this what our religion teaches us? Is this the code of conduct of our dear Prophet Mohammad pbuh, is this how Allah commanded us to be in our worldly dealings? A BIG NO ONCE AGAIN.
Impressed by the western concept of old peoples' home God forbid we are slowly moving towards that very same concept. I had the chance of visiting the catholic old peoples' home and i say this with 100% surety that they were all miserable. they felt insulted, mistreated and stranded by their own kids and were trying to come to terms to life and counting every passing day waiting for the misery to end. It wasnt a happy sight at all. It was miserable. maybe we are still far off from the explicit concept of old peoples' home but implicity that's what's happening. the more educated we get the lesser we think of our parents, the more money we earn today the more we boast and belittle our parents. We are nothing we are worth absolutely nothing whatever we have today whatever we are today it's only because Allah blessed our parents with the capability,love and stamina for our upbringing. it's sad to think that we are failing on the basic principles and values taught to us by our religion.  it's never too late to realize these blessings we have in the form of a mother and a father. it's never too late to apologize to them for our mistakes, to make up for the love we never bestowed upon them and to compensate for the time we never gave them. We fail to realize that what we sow, we shall reap. How we treat our parents today, tomorrow our kids will treat us in the same manner.  May Allah keep us on the right track and give us the Hidayat to obey, respect and love our parents in the right manner. Ameen

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