Sunday, 13 November 2011

Bundle of mistakes makes up a human

We all make mistakes because we are supposed to learn from them. If we have never committed a mistake in life then we might have been angels and not humans. Humans default, commit sins, make mistakes, and simply mess up and that's a common characteristic between us all. The distinguishing factor arises on the basis of the misfortune of those who die before being able to realize and undo their mistake and the fortune of those who  realize it in their life and take corrective action. Hazrat Adam had been strictly instructed to not go near a certain tree, yet caught in the web of the devil, he went against the commands of Allah and disobeyed Him. But the beauty of Allah's mercy is that He taught Hazrat Adam how to repent , taught him the words of the prayer for repentance and forgave him. the prayer of repentance that Hazrat Adam was taught is given in Surah Al Araf of the Holy Quran verse 23:
"They said: "Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If You forgive us not, and bestow not upon us Your Mercy, we shall certainly be of the losers."

the above incident makes it obvious that if Hazrat Adam could be led astray by the devil, then we are bound to be tempted by the devil's evil traps. It's terrifying to imagine what it would like if we die while in the state of committing that sin, that mistake which causes His displeasure,  what will we say to our Lord then? How will we face Him? As kids we would avoid facing our mothers if we broke something precious in the house then how can we even imagine facing the Lord of the entire universe after committing acts that trigger His displeasure? Unfortunate are the ones who die in a state of committing those sins and have to face the Lord before getting a chance to repent, regret and beg for His forgiveness. I and all those reading this are extremely fortunate to be alive today. We all have done something or the other in the past or maybe are still doing it, that may have earned the wrath and displeasure of our Lord, or we may have hurt our fellow brothers and sisters, we may realize our mistakes but we might be delaying the repentance part. And that one delay may cause us to lose out on a life of eternal bliss in the Hereafter. Let's all realize how lucky we are to be still alive to realize our mistakes, to undo them and to beg Allah to forgive us and to ask our brothers and sisters to forgive us as well for all those times we may have hurt them, intentionally or unintentionally. Allah is giving us one chance after another, hoping we would turn our backs to our wrong doings and go back to Him (as we made a covenant with Him before being sent to this earth - explained in surah baqarah).
It's not in our hands to judge whether our sin is worthy of being forgiven or not. That's a matter that only He knows best but Alhumdulilah His mercy encompasses every possible thing as long as the repentance is sincere. There are moments in our life when we may despair that it's too late to ask for repentance and we may not realize this but such thoughts are acts of the devil, cos despair in the Mercy of Allah is an act of Kufr itself.
Secondly, we may commit mistakes in our lives which may cause us to lose something or the other, something irreversible, something irreplaceable like self respect, dignity, values etc and when the realization sinks in, and even then if it doesn't take us crying and weeping our hearts out onto the prayer mat, then it definitely is not a good sign. the lost dignity and self respect may never come back but the hope that your Lord will forgive you on sincere repentance, will make life worth living again.
People tend to believe that once you have realized your mistake you should only worry about pleasing Allah and asking for His forgiveness and shouldn't care about whether the person you wronged forgave you or not. I choose to differ on this opinion because man needs to forgive first before expecting mercy from the Creator.

This post goes out to all the people out there who regret their past mistakes, who regret being a part of something that is forbidden and who regret displeasing their Lord because nothing good can ever come out of displeasing Him.   It's not too late to repent and it's not too late to undo our mistakes. May Allah have mercy on us and guide us to the right path. Ameen.

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