Thursday, 24 February 2011

Misconceptions about istikhara

The companions of the Prophet (pbuh) narrated that the Prophet(pbuh) used to teach us the way of istikhara in all matters as he taught us teh Surahs of the Quran (Sahih Bukhari volume 2, book 21, number 263)

if you are unsure about a decision you need to make be it a marriage decision, a job or admission into a school/university, there is a prayer for guidance called Salat-e-istikhara that you can do to ask for Allah's help in making your decision.

"And your Lord says ; Call on me I will answer your prayers"

we have been taught a certain prayer for the Salat e Istikhara and nowhere in the Quran or Sunnah has there been any mention of any dreams that we may have(house catching fire, snake biting some person and etc) to answer our supplication. these are all man-made stories which are adding to the religion. The dreams we see are psychological results of what we want to see. If we are biased towards the decision then we will see a dream of our choice. Allah or the istikhara plays no role in this rather its the devil and the mind playing tricks.
Similarly, asking others to do the istikhara on our behalf is equally wrong. When Allah is telling us to consult Him directly for matters regarding us then why do we need a third person between us and HIM? Allah taught us to seek guidance from Him and perform Istikhara. As per the dua of the istikhara we are asking Allah to make that particular deed (for which we are seeking guidance) easier for us and to turn us in that direction if its beneficial for us. And to move us away from that deed and to make the it impossible to achieve if its not in our betterment. Dr Israr Ahmed have presented lectures on this as well. Kindly consult those as well if you like.

All those who are still confused just watch the video (link given below) . May God give us the ability and the intelligence to follow His religion the way He and His Prophet (pbuh) taught us. Ameen

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