Wednesday, 23 February 2011


A personal analysis
After reading the first five ayats os Surah Al baqarah most of us would be ecstatic thinking that we possess all the 5 qualities of the muttaqi so Jannah is definite for us.  Lets have a question and answer session with our souls then.
Q1.Do I believe in gaib?
A.Yes I believe in it. angels and jinn are an example.
Q2. Do I perform my Salat and give priority to it?
A. Yes I pray 5 times a day. Well sometimes I miss a prayer when am busy in work or out shopping or with friends or simply sleeping away. But I perform Qaza of that salat. And well sometimes my mind does drift off to wordly stuff during my prayers. But at least am praying right?
Q3. Do I give zakat?Do I give sadqa from what God has blessed me with? Do I share my knowledge with others?
A . Yes I spend my money on the poor and needy of the society. Umm yes I have certain knowledge about Islam about what’s right and wrong but people ridicule me and call me a preacher and extremist if I start telling them about it. So I decide to stay quiet. They will learn on their own its not my duty to rectify them and teach them right?
Q4. Do I believe in the Quran?the teachings in the Quran?the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)? And all that had been revealed before the Prophet(pbuh)?
A . Oh yes. I have about 7-8 Qurans in my house. Doesn’t that show my belief in it? Why would I keep something in my bedroom,  my drawing room and my living room if I don’t believe in it? The teachings of the Quran yes I have performed Umra, pray 5 times a day, give zakat, fast during Ramadan. That’s the crux of the Quran right? Sunnah obviously I believe in the Sunnah. I love the Holy Prophet (pbuh) more than anyone else. I like all the facebook pages which state “we love the Prophet (pbuh), I condemn all those pages which make fun of our beloved Prophet and Quran. And most of all I keep up the chain of smses containing the durood so that our dear Prophet keeps receiving blessings.
Q5. Do I believe in the Hereafter?
A . Yes I know this world will end and all the Muslims will go to Paradise and all the Non-Muslims will burn in hell. That’s the concept of Hereafter right?

This is the Islam I and many others like me follow. How many of us are willing to admit that this is not the true Islam? What we are following is a ‘made-easy’ course which might(or maybe not) get us an A grade in this life but what about the life after this one?
To be continued….

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